Takehachi is the place to go if you are looking to eat ramen in Obanazawa, Yamagata!

  • "Takehachi," the ramen and Chinese cuisine restaurant that has been loved by locals.
  • This ramen shop is popular for its soup that is based on stock made from natural ingredients without chemical seasoning or additives and the home-made chewy noodles that are chosen based on the menu item.In addition to the "Genki Ramen," which is the most popular item at the shop and has a richness despite its simplicity,the "Obanazawa Beef Ramen," which uses specialty "Obanazawa Beef," is extremely popular among guests from overseas,as well as Japanese diners.Our restaurant's other specialty dish is the "Chen Mabo Tofu."This plate has been covered by various media outlets and is addicting for its spicy kick and rich flavor.By all means, please come by our shop if you visit Obanazawa for sightseeing.

All prices include tax.

No. 1 Recommended
Item of the Shop

Obanazawa Beef Ramen with liberal portions of Obanazawa City's specialty Obanazawa Beef"


Obanazawa Beef Ramen

"Obanazawa Beef," which is a specialty of Obanazawa City that is supplied by local producers, is stewed for roughly 5 hours until it is so tender that it can be broken up with chopsticks.This meat is cut in rather large chunks and served liberally over a rich, soy sauce-based starchy soup. We highly recommend this bowl, which is topped by "pesora-zuke” pickles that are made with summer watermelon from Obanazawa, the largest producer by volume in Japan, and have a refreshing sour taste.

No. 2 Recommended
Item of the Shop

The highly popular menu item of Takehachi



Genki Ramen

Pork fatback, shiitake, kombu, onion, garlic, ginger, Welsh onion, niboshi,auxis flakes,mackerel flakes, pork, chicken broth,etc.Natural ingredients without chemical seasoning or additives are slowly stewed for 6 hours to create the stock that this deeply rich soup is based on. This is the No. 1 most popular menu item of our restaurant, as the chewy wrinkled noodles mix well with the soup. *The amount of garlic and fatback added can be adjusted based on your wishes.

No. 3 Recommended
Item of the Shop

Tsukemen-style Genki Ramen


Special Genki Tsukemen

This dish takes the best parts of Genki Ramen and tsukemen. Please dip the medium-thick straight noodles very well in the soup. You can enjoy the rich tsukemen soup until its last drop by cutting it with stock.


Traditional flavors of China

Chen Mabo Tofu

This is a part of the pair of standout menu items representing our shop and is special for its addicting flavor that manages to blend in sweetness among its numbness and spiciness. Please enjoy its traditional flavor created by using chili bean paste that is used at the original Chen Mabo Tofu restaurant. As it is served in large portions, please share it for everybody's enjoyment.

*All prices include tax.
*Please contact us for details about delivery, as the available items and prices differ from when dining in.
*Large portion add ¥150 / small portion deduct ¥100 (only for noodles and rice dishes)


Genki Ramen

Genki Ramen with Everything (with 2 slices of chashu, 1 egg, menma, and 3 pieces of nori)
1000 yen
Genki Ramen (with fatback and garlic)
750 yen
Genki Chashu Ramen (with 3 slices of chashu)
1,000 yen
Garlic Genki Ramen for Men (thick noodles)
900 yen
Spicy Genki Ramen
800 yen
Salt Genki Ramen
850 yen
Miso Genki Ramen
850 yen

Obanazawa Beef Ramen

Obanazawa Beef Ramen
950 yen


Tsukemen with Everything (with 2 slices of chashu, 1 egg, menma, and 3 pieces of nori)
1,000 yen
Regular Tsukemen
800 yen
Non-spicy Tsukemen
800 yen
Chashu Tsukemen (with 3 slices of chashu)
1,050 yen
Special Shrimp Miso Tsukemen
900 yen
Garlic Tsukemen for Men (thick noodles)
950 yen
Tantan Tsukemen
900 yen
Soft Obanazawa Beef Tsukemen
950 yen
Hot or Cold Noodles
Regular Portion 180g
Large Portion 350g
Regular Portion 250g
Large Portion 370g

Chinese Cuisine

A la Carte

Chen Mabo Tofu
950 yen
Specialty Chicken Wing Tip Stew (4 pieces)
480 yen
Hand-made Gyoza (5 pieces)
400 yen
Shrimp in Chili Sauce
950 yen
Stir-fried Liver and Leeks
750 yen
Home-made Annin Tofu
280 yen


Rice Dishes

Chen Mabo Tofu Bowl
Fried Rice
750 yen
Half-sized Fried Rice
450 yen
Takehachi Bowl
(with small cubes of stewed meat, eggs, spicy onions, and chopped nori)
850 yen
Crab Fried Rice Topped with Starchy Sauce
950 yen
200 yen
Half-sized Rice
150 yen
Large Rice
300 yen


Chen Mabo Tofu Yakisoba
950 yen
Yakisoba Topped with Starchy Sauce
850 yen

Shop Information

■Restaurant Name
■Phone Number
1-12-3 Shinmachi, Obanazawa City, Yamagata 999-4224
■Parking Lot
Available (19 spots)
■Business Hours
11:00 - 14:30
17:30 - 21:30 (Last call at 21:15)
*We will close once we run out of soup.
We may be closed every Wednesday or the 7th or 8th of each month.
(There may be other non-scheduled holidays also)
*Please click on Notices for each month's holidays.
45 seats (28 seats for Japanese-style seating, 12 seats at tables, 5 counter seats)
■Free Wi-Fi
Smoking is prohibited at all seats during lunch and allowed at all seats during dinner.
We accept PayPay/ALIPAY.

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